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Revised Dress Code for 2017-2018
June 29, 2017

Dear Bethlehem Academy Students and Parents:

I want to thank everyone for their feedback on the June 14, 2017 school mailing regarding our revised dress code for the 2017-18 school year. I have gained a much greater appreciation for “collared” shirts than I ever had before. After carefully considering the feedback that I have received, we’ve decided to slightly revise the dress code but yet continue to represent modesty, consistency and safety in our appearance. We promise as staff that we will continue to work together to make these changes work for everyone. If additional changes or tweaks are needed, we will make those changes as necessary. I continue to be grateful to be a part of this wonderful team and am truly blessed to be working with such wonderful students and families. If you feel a need to discuss this issue or anything else, please give me a call or send me an email.

Bethlehem Academy’s Dress Code for 2017-18

Dress Code and Student Appearance
Bethlehem Academy is committed to advocating for the dignity of every person within our school community. The purpose of the dress code is threefold: Modesty, Consistency, and Safety. Students are held responsible for the clothing they choose to wear.

All students will wear a collared or a dressier styled crew neck shirt with sleeves. Shirts must be opaque and buttoned with the exception of the top button at the neck. Polo type, button up and dressier styled crew neck shirts without large graphics are acceptable. Additional items that may be worn over the shirt include zip-ups, fleece wear, sweaters and crew neck sweatshirts. We will allow BA spirit wear such as sweatshirts that promote a BA team, club or activity. College sweatshirts are permitted. Midriffs, cleavage, and undergarments must be covered.

All students will wear pant/trouser style bottoms (of any color) including jeans that meet the top of the ankles. Prior to MEA and following spring break, students may wear dress shorts or bermuda shorts that are knee length with a sewn hem. Students are allowed to wear capri pants (of any color).

All students will wear dress pants, a collared shirt, dress (crew or polo style neckline) or skirt that falls clearly to the knee with no midriff or cleavage showing on Mass days. Jeans and shorts are not permitted.

All students will wear shoes. State law states that for health reasons, no bare feet will be allowed in the school building. Backless shoes are acceptable. Flip flops may be worn during the same time frame as shorts.

Hair: Hairstyles that draw undue attention to the student will not be permitted. Highlights, braids and extensions must be of a color that occurs naturally in humans and not be in such contrast as to draw undue attention to the student. Facial hair should be kept neat and clean

Unacceptable clothing items: Leggings, Jeggings, Yoga Pants, Skorts, Jogger pants and sleeveless shirts. Hats, cut-off shorts, torn clothing, and clothing with inappropriate designs and/or messages (including alcohol, drugs, and tobacco references).

Thank you for your cooperation,

Dr. Chuck Briscoe